Mobile phones blessing or curse

Vartabedian said, when patients bring in data from this consumer technology to a medical appointment and expect an analysis and recommendation based on the data. We should use science to get its blessings and not misuse it to make it a curse.

But, the boon of science, in many cases, has been turned into bane because of its misuse.

Are smartphones a blessing or a curse? Scientific jury's still out

Those who survived the nuclear bombing suffered from its aftermath. A number of killer diseases are now curable. By having your mobile phones with you could it be a silent killer. It is a contradiction in terms, to say the least. A mobile phone is a device with so many advantages contributing convenient living for both the old and young generations.

More research and regulation needed "There are no regulations up to now. However, Bryan Vartabedian, M. There are innumerous examples which prove that science-a blessing has been turned into a curse. US scientists have just measured the highest monthly global CO2 concentration since the beginning of modern records.

Vartabedian has almost full access to all his patient records, scheduling, and more. Vartabedian predicted that as medicine becomes more personalized, such requests will occur more frequently. We are now less constrained by time and geographical location.

Despite their mandatory introduction in the United States ina Physicians Practice technology survey found that only 59 percent of doctors say that electronic medical records EMR have been fully rolled out in their offices, and 20 percent cited the EMR as their greatest technology challenge.

In doing so are they endangering their own health and more importantly the health of their children. Nature's extremes Highest navigable lake on Earth: In fact, telephones have been around for several decades in some form or another tracing back to the invention of telephone way back in s by Alxendar Graham Bell.

Science has provided us with many means of education and entertainment. With Androids, iPhones, BlackBerry, Samsung and a host of others, the expanding portfolio is only increasing.

Is the mobile phone a blessing or a curse?

A blessing or a curse for doctors. Science has posed a threat to the very existence of mankind with weapons-nuclear, biological, atomic, chemical etc. Ticketing and reservation have become more efficient and convenient. Dealing with suppliers in different towns was a hassle for Shompa — purchase orders had to either be hand delivered or mailed out to suppliers.

Mobile email is a blessing in her life. The destructive potential of atomic energy was witnessed in Augustwhen the United States dropped atom booms on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That has been very useful to us. However non-thermal effects and their health risks are something of an unknown quantity.

Not according to Dr. The long awaited study by Sir William Stewart into mobile phone safety concluded, "The balance of evidence does not suggest mobile phones technologies put the health of the general population at risk.

The food production levels and quality have improved by multiple factors. The power of the internet is being abused by the widespread use of pornographic material. Because for being social you do not have to meet your friend or relatives every weekend, you can call, SMS, email, write on the Facebook wall or merely tweet them.

While these technologies capture attention, and have usability and the easiness of everyday life, my personal outlook has often been marred by their addictive nature. Challenger Deep, Pacific You'll have to enter a submarine to reach Earth's lowest spot: The other way in which the navigation properties of smartphones can help mountain rescue teams is through an app called SARLOC.

It's changed the way we communicate, whether for work or play. Such unhealthy obsession with mobile devices is disrupting how we appreciate the little things in life or miss the moments that matter.

The year-old entrepreneur now stays in touch easily with her suppliers. From that, we managed to describe how to do a slope aspect and that narrowed their location down to two slopes in a kilometre-wide area. Mobile Phone – Blessing or Curse 25 people sometimes stand for 25 different opinions – the participants of the International EMS Youth Meeting in India discussed the life and the use of mobile phones.

The participants of the International EMS Youth Meeting in India discussed production, use and disposal of mobile phones. Mobile phones have come to be a very important means of communication and their use has become more prevalent in recent times. Mobile phones were introduced to the Nigerian communications scene through the combined efforts of Econet Wireless Nigeria Ltd, MTN, Globacom and Mtel networks in Mobile Phones "A Curse or Blessing" shihan (35) in technology • last year Mobile Phones has been a kind of technology that has changed the shape of the world in how we communicate with one another.

Indeed, mobile phones has contributed immensely to our lives but the blessing and the curse of it turned out to be in the way it has enabled us to live in our own virtual community and the.

The mobile phone is a blessing or curse! This topic is one of the most common debates discussed in schools, colleges, and homes. Like any other tech products, mobile phones also have advantages as well as disadvantages. Cell phones emit radio waves, which is where the debate over the safety of the devices begins.

It has been purported that these waves could lead to brain tumors or various forms of head and neck cancer.

Mobile phones blessing or curse
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