Helium leak testing

If leakage is encountered the small and "agile" molecules of helium will migrate through the cracks into the part.

HVS Leak Detection

Sniffing and accumulation are similar in that the detector head is used at a pressure above full vacuum, typically atmospheric pressure. We have replicated a lifetime of use in a matter of days or even hours.

Semi-quantitative leak tests are able to generate an approximate leak rate measurement. Uses[ edit ] Helium mass spectrometer leak detectors are used in production line industries such as refrigeration and air conditioningautomotive parts, carbonated beverage containers food packages and aerosol packaging, as well as in the manufacture of steam products, gas bottlesfire extinguisherstire valves, and numerous other products including all vacuum systems.

Our engineers work closely with our clients to simulate actual loading requirements to achieve the most accurate test scenarios. The quantified leak rate is generated by using NIST traceable leak standards to calibrate and verify the equipment and tested system. The vacuum system will carry any tracer gas molecule into the analyzer cell of the magnetic sector mass spectrometer.

Here are a few characteristics of Argon compared to helium: However, these instruments can be applied successfully for the measurement and detection of very small leaks below the threshold that is considered acceptable for most manufactured parts and assemblies.

Helium Leak Testing

The closed-system method is not appropriate to measuring a large leak that would flood the detector and render it useless for further measurement until every helium molecule could be withdrawn from the detector. The tiny amount of gas that entered the device under pressure will be released in the vacuum chamber and sent to the mass spectrometer where the leak rate will be measured.

Think along the lines of electricity and rubber; there is no link with either.

Helium Fine Leak Hermeticity Testing

The sealing plate design must eliminate helium leaking under the seal assembly. Partial vacuum method ultra sniffer test [ edit ] In contrast to the Helium charged sniffer test, the partial vacuum method, the ultra sniffer test gas method UST-method uses the partial vacuum effect, so that the gas tightness of test sample can be detected at normal pressure with the same sensitivity as the helium charged vacuum test with helium gas helium.

Helium is everywhere around you, measuring at 5 ppm. This test method applies to a lot of components that will operate under pressure: Our qualified and certified personnel are capable of performing leak tests on your critical application components.

If the size of the part is too large, an additional vacuum pumping system may be required to reach low enough pressure in a reasonable length of time. If the vessel was not designed to support the weight when completely filled with liquid, it would be possible to test this vessel only if it was partially filled with process fluid to a level duplicating the effect of the maximum-expected level.

The detector probe is passed over the orifice at the same rate that will be used to examine the system for leakage. Combination Pneumatic and Hydrostatic Testing A low air pressure, most often 25 psig, kPa is first used to see if there are major leaks. The magnitude of this initial test pressure is often at least 1.

A universal factor to include for both limits is the durability of tooling and pipework and their resistance to testing. Test Pressures The selected test method and fluid test medium, together with the applicable code, will also establish the rules to be followed in calculating the required test pressure.

Helium leak testing is highly accurate and can detect the smallest leaks that other forms of testing such as bubble testing would not be able to find.

We are able to detect leaks to mbarl-s or equivalent to any other units such a pascal meters cubed per second or ppm etc. 64 Helium Leak Testing jobs available on thesanfranista.com Apply to Associate, Operator, Assembly Technician and more! Helium gas leak testing is primarily used as a leak testing medium because it is capable of being detected and quantified at very small leak rates (less than 1 cubic centimeter/ years) and is inert and will not react with most components being tested.

Leak Testing for Auditors and Inspectors of Radioactive Material Packages for Transportation and Storage. This 32 hour course is designed for individuals with responsibilities of audit, oversight, procurement, or engineering specifications for the leak testing of radioactive materials packaging.

Helium Leak Detection Since Leak Detection Specialist has a history of dedicated service to our customers and a reputation of excellence in the leak detection/repair field since Understanding leak testing is essential That's the easy part. But how do you choose the right leak testing solution and ensure you're getting the most out of it?

Helium leak detection is the ideal solution for determining the vacuum tightness of a large vacuum chamber. Why helium leak detection is ideal. Sealed Devices.

Helium leak testing
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